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Bed Bugs are Back in Business

To most people, Sleep tight; don't let the bed bugs bite is just some old saying - but not anymore. It's been fifty years but these blood-sucking creatures are back and no one is safe. Bed bugs are turning up everywhere, from expensive apartments to exclusive hotels to hospitals and city shelters. Bed bugs are paper thin; the size of a pencil eraser. They feed on the blood of humans, attacking at night. Not only do they hide in the crevices of beds, they can hide in headboards, footboards, behind pictures, in light sockets, radiators, clothing and inside walls.

A trained professional inspector will only detect visible signs of bed bugs in a room with an accuracy rate of only about 30%. To find activity inside walls, baseboards, even under carpets, a room would have to otherwise be stripped down beyond the bare walls! Due to a dog's keen sense of smell, our trained dog Tracker can detect bed bugs even inside walls - with 90% accuracy, making his inspection a more thorough and accurate one. A more accurate detection means that if there is bed bug activity, Tracker will be alert to it and control measures can begin.

In the United States and elsewhere, dogs have been successfully used by law enforcement agencies to locate firearms, ammunition, explosives, illegal drugs, and missing persons. The same training used for these purposes is now being used to train dogs to search for bed bugs. Our dog, Tracker, can smell through walls, floors, and bedding - long before humans can see any visible signs. Tracker can crawl into tight spaces that human inspectors cannot. Early detection can prevent infestation from bed bugs by treating hot spots before the damage is done.

Tracker has completed more than 1000 hours of training, demonstrating his accuracy in detecting bed bugs. Tracker and all of our dog handlers are certified for bed bug detection by leading experts in the training of not just bed bug-sniffing, but mold-, bomb- and drug-sniffing dogs as well. Tracker is a powerful new weapon against the elusive bed bug and can inspect and detect these insects in homes and commercial buildings with an accuracy that human inspectors cannot match.

Tracker's 90% accuracy rate is a fantastic advantage for the real estate buyer, hotel owner, or property manager - and no other pest control company can offer that!

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